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But creating a website from scratch can sometimes be a real challenge! There are so many decisions to make: minimalist design or complex design? Which colors to choose? What about the layout? What about fonts? If you're struggling to answer these questions, you have everything to gain by going out and seeing what others are doing and being inspired by what you find. Sometimes that's the best way out of a dead end. We've done a little survey and after combing the Web, we are ready to give you the best sources of inspiration in web design to inpiration. 

Making a unique showcase site is not easy. As Picasso said, good artists copy, great artists steal. That's why we asked our designers what their favorite inspirational websites are, the ones they consult daily.

Whether you want to establish a professional online presence, showcase your portfolio or share your interests and passions, these examples will inspire you and ring the starting gong.

Modern, clean design is probably one of the most common approaches to website design in recent years. This style usually includes a serif-free font, a minimalist layout, a very intuitive navigation and a lot of flat design. This aesthetic usually gives a rather formal impression, so if you are in the education, technology or consulting sector, this approach should be considered.

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